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    COMMSEC Inc. - BellTel's IBS Project "Site Kick-Off Meeting" together with ETSI Technologies, Inc. a Nokia Siemens Networks joint venture company, was held the SKOM at The Legend Villas Hotel Manila last October 31, 2014 prior to the start of its implementation.



    BellTel also known as Bell Telecommunications Philippines, Inc.


    BellTel was granted the authority to provide full range of telecommunication services  within the Philippines and with other countries thru Republic Act No. 7692 passed by the Philippines Senate and Congress in 1994.


    Local Exchange Carrier (LEC)
    International Gateway Facility (IGF) Provider
    Inter-Exchange Carrier (IXC)
    Satellite Carrier
    Public Calling Offices (PCO) Operator
    Internet Service Provider (ISP)
    Mobile Operator

    BellTel’s comprehensive telecommunications license allows it to provide data services to anywhere in the Philippine archipelago and telephony to all Central Business Districts (CBD) and Special Economic Zones (SEZ).


    Phase 1 of the BellTel network covers the entire Metro Manila Area and Parts of the surrounding provinces in the south. This wireless ATM based network has the ability of providing high speed data services from 32Kbps to 155Mbps as well as basic voice telephony.


    Having an ATM based network enables BellTel to provide a full range of IP based services allowing its customer access to present and future Internet applications.


    An essential component of BellTel’s strategy is the securing of quality frequency license from the NTC. The company has secured a valuable spectrum in the 1.7, 3.5, 24 Ghz bands, giving it the ability to provide a wide array of wireless broadband products and services from CDMA to LMDS.


    Bell Telecommunication Philippines, Inc. (BellTel) is a full-service telecommunications company that began its commercial operations in January 2002. It is authorized to provide the full range of services throughout the Philippines, giving it access to all the central business districts (CBD) where 70% of the country’s commerce is transacted and special economic zones (SEZs) established under the Philippine Economic Zone Authority Law.


    BellTel intends to be the premier provider of converged voice, data and video telecommunication solutions to the corporate, business and high-end residential market through its next generation network that has the widest range of broadband access technology.


    With its scope of licenses to include local exchange carrier (LEC), international gateway facility (IGF), inter exchange carrier (IXC), very small aperture terminal (VSAT), and internet service provider (ISP), the Company offers an integrated package of services including local and long distance telephone services, high speed data connectivity, Internet services, cable TV, and videoconferencing.


    BellTel pioneered in the deployment of point-to-multipoint fixed wireless access technologies delivering multiple product offerings. BellTel also rolled out fiber-to-the-curb in the Makati central business district and entered into strategic alliances with underutilized telecom infrastructures (HFC, fiber optic) thus giving it multiplicity of cost-effective last mile options for rapid service deployment. BellTel operates a domestic C-band satellite hub providing connectivity for customers in remote sites not yet covered by its wireless networks. BellTel’s MPLS ready backbone supports multiple services and protocols thus enabling provision of services to customers using legacy networks and migration of customer networks towards IP.


    BellTel is a registered enterprise under the Investments Incentive Act (IIA) and was granted pioneer status by the Board of Investments (BOI) entitling it to a six (6) year income tax holiday and duty free importation of capital equipment.



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