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A. Telecom

A.1.) Network Optimization Equipment

Pico Repeater

Band Selective Repeater

Fiber Optic Repeater

Frequency Shift Repeater

ICS Repeater

A.2.) In Building System - Passive & Active Components

Band Combiners

BTS Filter


Jumper Cables

Power Splitters


Omni/Directional Antenna

Mimo Antenna

RF Connectors 1/2", 7/8", 15/8"

Attenuators/Dummy Load

RF Cables 1/2", 7/8", 1 5/8"

IBS Accessories

Cable Ladder

Cable Clamps 1/2", 7/8", 1 5/8

Copper Bus Bars

Matic Tape

Rubber Tape


B. Communications System

B.1.) 2-way Radio

Portable Radio

Mobile Radio


B.2.) ICT

M2M VPN Modem/Router

IP Radio/Wireless Bridge

Microwave Radio

Wireless Broadband


C. Security System

C.1.) CCTV

IP Camera

Analog Camera


Video Multiplexer

Wireless Video Transmitter/Receiver

C.2.) GPS Tracker

Vehicle GPS Tracker

Personal GPS Tracker

Motorcycle GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking System


D. Energy Savings LED Lights & Solar Power System

LED Street Lights

Flood Lights

10W - 5KW Solar Power


E. Wireless Communication & Telecom Test and Measurement Instrument

E.1.) Cable and Antenna Analyzer

Deviser E700A (1Mhz to 4.4Ghz)

Deviser E710A (1Mhz to 6.1Ghz)

E.2.) Handled Spectrum Analyzer

Deviser E800A (9khz - 3Ghz)

Deviser E860A (9khz - 6Ghz)

E.3.) Fiber Optics Communication Test

Deviser Series Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Deviser Series Handheld OTDR

Deviser Series Optical Power Meter

E.4.) Data Transportation Test

Deviser Series Gigabit Ethernet Tester


A. Telecom Engineering Services

A.1.) Site Acquisition & Permitting

A.2.) Technical Site Survey

A.3.) Installation & Commissioning



Panel Antenna

Civil/Mechanical/Electrical works

Microwave Radio

A.4.) Antenna Mounting Pole/Bracket & Mini Tower


Hot Dipped Galvanizing



B. RF Engineering Services

B.1.) DT/Benchmarking

Drive Test Measurement

Competitor Benchmarking

B.2.) DT/Optimization

Single Site Verification

Single Site Optimization

Cluster Optimization

Panel Antenna Adhustment/Tuning

B.3.) Band Scanning

Single Site Band Scanning

B.4.) IBS/DAS Design

Ibwave DAS Design, Optimization


C. Other Engineering Services

C.1.) MW/IP Radio Installation & Commissioning

C.2.) Fiber Optic Splicing and Cable Laying

C.3.) CCTV/Video Surveillance Installation & Commissioning

C.4.) GPS Tracker Installation

C.5.) Data Structured Cabling


D.Test Instrument Rental

D.1.) Spectrum Analyzer

Deviser E8000A (9khz to 3Ghz)

Anritsu M2711E (9khz to 3Ghz)

D.2.) Cable and Antenna Analyzer

Anritsu Site Master S331L

D.3.) Fiber Optic Splicer

Fusion Splicer


Optical Power Meter

D.4.) RF Scanner w/ DT Tools

PCTel Exflex (2G, 3G, 4G)


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