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Network Optimization Equipment

Pico Repeater

The Pico Repeater used to extend the signal coverage from the base station. It was easy to install anywhere in a building, on the ceiling or on the wall, because of its light-weight and small size.

Band Selective Repeater

Band Selective Repeaters are typically used by network operators to amplify a predefined customizable frequency band or where dynamic frequency allocation and frequency hopping are used. Band Selective Repeaters can boost RF signal for one or two frequency segments, making it a perfect solution for carriers whose spectrum allocations are not continuous. 

Fiber Optic Repeater

Fiber optic repeater consists of a master unit and remote unit. master unit receives RF signal from BTS and converts to optic signal and transmits to the remote unit through fiber cable. remote unit receives the optic signal, converts back to the original RF signal after amplification and transfers to the service antenna.

Frequency Shift Repeater

Frequency Shifting Repeater is a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint frequency-shifting repeater system that overcomes antenna isolation problem in conventional repeater system

ICS Repeater

Digital ICS Repeater (Interference Cancellation System) is a new kind of RF Repeater that can automatically detect and cancel the interference signal caused by oscillation of RF feedback between the Donor and Services Antennas in real time by adopting DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology, which restores full operational capability against multi-path fading cellular signals and feedback signals by oneself and all types of waveforms from both friendly and intentional sources of interference.


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