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InBuilding Solutions

There are multiple reasons, both technical and commercial, that a mobile operator will work to provide sufficient in-building coverage including more capacity, improved service quality, and offloading the existing macro network.
In 3G networks offloading the existing macro network is an especially important parameter as well as obtaining higher-speed data rates inside buildings. In short a successful in building plan, especially at hot spots areas, is essential to delivering maximum coverage.

In building design work begins with a survey which is the basis of any successful design. The survey will address how best to implement the solution to obtain the best coverage in an in building environment and determines what materials to select for obtaining that coverage. The Installation process is critical to the success of an In Building plan. It is important to exactly match the In Building plan when performing the installation. Once the installation is  complete, there are extensive tests and reports generated to provide the final statistics and test reports. Our trained engineers are experienced in reading and analyzing these reports to determine if any additional fine turning is necessary.


Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Commsec, Inc. has a history of designing, developing and managing both indoor and outdoor DAS network to improve signal strength, coverage and network capacity. The use of distributed antenna systems (DAS) is a powerful tool that allows an operator to fill in coverage gaps and deal stops in their network and thereby provide a better Quality of Experience (QoE) to their customers, without incurring the expense of building an entirely new network. In addition, by breaking down the macro cell site into smaller pieces, the DAS helps add coverage and capacity to the network.

A DAS system can be either single carrier or multi-carrier. The DAS allows carries to target specific areas for improvement without having to build out an entirely new network. Out Commsec, Inc. team can help enterprise clients and operators determine what footprint they want to cover, be it an indoor or outdoor network, as well as the exact specification of the coverage and capacity requirements


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