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IBS Site Survey (Greenfield / Outdoor Site)

Any survey is an integral part of setting up an IBS network.

A thorough survey helps a designer to design a perfect network. 

The ultimate goal of a RF site survey is to supply enough information to determine the number and placement of antennas that provides adequate coverage throughout the facility. 

Commsec, Inc. has RF team who do RF site survey, thus helping in designing of the site.


These are the Tools Required for IBS Survey


   Digital Camera

   Magnetic Compass

   Binoculars / Measuring Tape

   Net Monitoring Phone

   Floor Plan of that Particular Site


Steps in IBS Survey

   Study the building architecture, with the help of floor plans and guidance from Building authorities.

   Understand the requirements need in terms of Coverage, Capacity, future Subcriber growth etc.

   Identify the duct for the cable routing and component location.

   Survey on each floor using net monitor and floor plan.

   Mark the present signal level and the antenna location to be installed in the floor plan.

   Note down all the present serving cell information like CELL ID, BCCH, Rx. Level, etc.

   Identify the BTS location, antenna locations and mark on the floor plan.

   Also note down the type of ceiling, whether pop cutting is required or not and availability of cable tray.

   Identify if any future planning is required or not in case of under construction buildings.


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